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Read what some of my clients have to say about their experience of working with me. 


Thank YOU Simone for helping me find not only my voice but my ability to say 'NO'. Having struggled all my life with not being able to see my value, YOU provided me a very valuable space in which I was empowered to find my inner strength and to be able to reflect on my own needs, wants and desires... a truly wonderful experience... thank YOU 🙏🏼.  (Age 54, Kent)


I got in touch with Simone as our eldest daughter was having real issues around being scared and coping with our new puppy. Simone was sympathetic, caring, helpful and very professional. She quickly built a relationship with my daughter over zoom and her sessions really helped my daughter cope with her fear. She isn’t completely fear free now but copes much better with having a dog in our home and she has been given lots of strategies by Simone that help her out and about at the park and the beach with approaching dogs. Thank you so much. ❤️(Mother of 13 year old girl, Scotland)


Amazing! I can't recommend enough!


It's hard to put into words how happy I am with my experience! But I'm going to give it a go... Like a lot of people I had a pretty big fear of heights, especially ladders. That was until certain circumstances forced me to face my fears head on. Before getting into contact with Simone, I could barely climb a tall step ladder without getting "shaky" and unthinkable to climb a 100ft ladder for my new job. Given a two week "deadline" I turned to Simone and You and Me Hypnotherapy for help. Due to my need for a short turnaround I was very happy with how quickly I was taken on board. The whole initial process was brilliantly easy and painless, giving information on my situation and going for my in-person session. I was made to feel very relaxed and comfortable throughout, which helped cement the thought in my mind of "I can do this!"

I was then given my recording to listen to every day and with some persistence, self belief and a few more attempts, I can now stand at those previously unthinkable heights with confidence and a big smile on my face!

Thanks to Simone, You and Me Hypnotherapy and RTT I can happily say I've conquered one of my worst fears! All within such a small amount of time and relative ease! Again I can't recommend this enough, it's not only saved my job but changed my life for the better. (Age 26, Kent)


Simone is simply incredible! She just has the most natural and professional way about her that put anyone at ease and gives you confidence from the word go. I've had a few sessions now and have been listening to the recording she made for me at the end of the last session. Wow! She completely changed the way I see things and really helped me with a personal issue which I felt I couldn't talk to anyone about. I've made really big changes thanks to her. Thank you so much Simone, literally life changing! (Age 46, Kent)


I was really impressed by how quickly Simone understood me and my situation. I had knee surgery and needed help with visualising how the surgery would go. The recording that Simone made especially for me made me feel super calm and relaxed on the day. I definitely feel like my peaceful state of mind was due to listening to the recording many times. I had great results and still am progressing after surgery.

With every encounter I felt that Simone is highly trained and has a super professional attitude towards her work. Her voice felt so calming and soothing. Recently, I had an interview scare and decided to go back to Simone for help. I was impressed again, my interview went well and I was invited to the second round! Simone is a magnificent RTT practitioner, do not hesitate to work with her . (Age 33, Ireland)


Before meeting and receiving a session from Simone, I felt trapped inside my own life. I struggled trying to move beyond what were invisible barriers, having no clue as to what was holding me back. It was truly miserable wanting to grow and not knowing what was stunting me. Simone was able to gently take me back and expose when, where and why I placed shackles on myself! In doing so she gave me the power to break free. Simone you are an amazing practitioner and I feel blessed to have crossed paths with you. (Age 52, Arizona)


I am one of those fortunate enough to have had a session with Simone. The session itself was very interesting, I had asked for a Simone to help me uncover blocks and help me get past them as I am preparing to launch my own business. Simone effortlessly helped me navigate though different events in my life that were holding me back. The big “aha” moment for me was realising that I was in waiting mode…Waiting for others approval, support (these were massively holding me back from putting myself forward as self-employed) and waiting for a house. 

Simone helped me realise that I was my own safety net, all the ways I have supported and continue to support myself and that the time to celebrate my life is right now. There are not a set number of boxes to tick before you are allowed to be happy.

When the session was over, I felt I had everything I needed to support myself, that I was the only one who could hold me back and I wasn’t going to do that anymore. The next day, YES the very next day, I found that I had too much energy to sit down, I was way too motivated and excited, not only about my future, but about my present. I created my office in the spare room, bought my daughter her dream bed (her excitement was unreal) and from there I have just been going from one win to another. Some of the changes or more subtle, for example I am not waiting for the perfect body, I am now wearing the clothes I like now. Some of these changes I didn’t even notice until writing this testimonial.  Of course, buying a house is still in the future, but in the last week I have transformed temporary accommodation into a home. It is hard to put into words effectively what Simone has helped me achieve, but the feeling is so sure, Simone took me out of the waiting room and into my life and she helped me find the courage to fully live in the moment, knowing I won’t have to settle for less nor wait for perfection.

It may seem like a simple shift but the effect has been extraordinary and my gratitude for Simone is enormous. Simone you are an amazing person and a phenomenal therapist. (Age 34, Dublin)


Simone is a talented and powerful hypnotherapist, her voice is pure magic. She made me understand how strongly I identified with the role of an outsider from very early in my childhood, which is something I would have never worked out for myself in a million years. I was making myself work so hard to fit in, now after our session I realised that I belonged all along and I don't have to work for this belonging or prove it - I am home and safe. I also realised that I was beating myself up for things that were never my fault in the first place, and what a good job I was doing at beating myself up for them! Lucky for me, I now understand that: a) it was me doing the beating up; b) it was serving no purpose at all except for making me very unhappy. So now I have let go of all that garbage, I am very much looking forward to my bright future ahead. Thank you so much for such a beautiful empowering experience. (Age 38, Sussex)


I was not completely new to hypnotherapy so I thought I had an idea of what to expect but RTT completely changed my idea of how transformation could take place. I loved RTT and Simone is an excellent therapist who put me at ease and made me feel comfortable and in control throughout. RTT meant I had to put the work in afterwards and Simone's tailor- made transformational recording was something I had to commit to listening to every day for the following 21 days but the results were incredible. I would highly recommend RTT as a structured and efficient process to bring about personal change and growth. (Age 46, Kent)


I have a long history of being overweight and diabetic. In the last ten years I've lost some weight but during the last year my eating has been quite out of control, to the extent that I wouldn't stop eating until I felt quite sick. Some days I would be eating so much I could hardly move and I began to feel depressed and disgusted with myself. I felt my appetite had increased a lot for no reason but I was eating even when I was not hungry. After one RTT session and one coaching session and listening to the recording, I have not eaten excessively on any day. I have eaten more healthily, reduced my sugar intake (reducing my blood sugar) and I've found that the urge to eat constantly has gone! My biggest achievement was when I spent a day at a friend's house, where I would normally eat non-stop, and I was able to eat lunch and stop when satisfied and this was done without any effort. I could have eaten more but somehow the desire wasn't there! I don't intend to be on a diet as the most important thing is that my mentality and attitude towards food and eating has almost completely changed. I am letting the weight go down slowly but surely. I have not deprived myself of anything but naturally and automatically I've eaten more healthy foods so there is not much room for unhealthy options. I consider the whole thing a miracle!!! So far I have lot over 10lb effortlessly.

Simone was very professional, kind, understanding and non-judgemental. She really empowered me to make changes in my life and I highly recommend her as a therapist. (Age 73, Kent)


I'm well, happy and still amazed at the results of our session. I've been confidently dealing with my studies, asking questions when I get confused. I'm revisiting all the modules of my course and studying them in more detail. I feel energised, happy, confident and I have a clear vision of who I am and what I want. Thank you for 'cracking' me open and letting me shine. (Age 57, Estonia)


I have an 11 year old daughter who is very shy, lacks confidence and struggled to drop off to sleep. She enjoyed the hypnotherapy and said Simone made her feel very comfortable and relaxed. Simone made a recording for her to listen to at bedtime, which without fail she has fallen asleep to every time and it has been four weeks now! My daughter is noticeably happier, more relaxed and talkative! I highly recommend. Thank you Simone! (Mother of 11 year old girl, Kent)


I had an RTT session with Simone a few weeks ago to tackle my anxiety which I live and struggle with daily. I've tried a few different types of therapy in my life and this was really very different to anything I had tried before. I found the session intensive and powerful and it brought out aspects of my life I had never addressed previously. I felt very comfortable with Simone who created a safe space to express my feelings and emotions which enabled me to really take advantage of the therapy. The 21 day audio recording was fantastic and I was surprised at how quickly I noticed a change in my thoughts and behaviour. Since my session I am definitely experiencing a whole new level of consciousness and have been able to manage my anxiety and recognise my triggers so much better. I have another session booked with Simone and I'm sure that will consolidate the progress I have already made. (Age 31, Kent)


Simone offers a tool bag of hypnotherapy and other helpful aides. She is warm, empathic and supportive and kind. I think hypnotherapy is a good way forward and with her, you are getting that empathic yet dynamic work. If you are willing, she will help you too. I would not hesitate to recommend her highly or to use her services again. (Age 51, Kent)


I am generally a skeptical person and never thought I would get a hypnotherapy treatment. I had been dealing with some issues for a long time and felt powerless to change. After hearing so much about Simone at You and Me Hypnotherapy, I decided to give it a go. I could not believe how intensive and in depth the session was! Simone's genuine care, professional approach and dedication was incredible. I felt an immediate effect after the session but she also sent me a recording to listen to for 21 days. This meant that I could keep on track with my transformation and improve every day. I found it fascinating that you feel an actual improvement each day. I am so lucky I found Simone and she has been so supportive of my progress, checking in on me regularly and offering help. I highly recommend this therapy. It is certainly a very unique approach that goes really deep into problems and solves them from the roots. During the session I realised there was a natural understanding and conclusion in my mind about the issues I was facing. I could find clear connections for certain things that helped my mind to acknowledge them, map them out and immediately start working on them. (Age 33, Kent)


I reached out to Simone, because I wanted to get help to my healing process, focusing on abundance block, allowing the good come to my life. I´m so grateful to having experienced RTT now with Simone. The session turned out to be a deeply emotional experience, helping me to connect with my feelings and seeing where my feelings of worthiness, not being worth for good in my life, came from. It also helped me to understand my behaviour and that it was possible to change the negative patterns and thoughts. The session included positive, loving, strengthening feelings opening up for me and I still carry those feelings with me. After the session, I felt peaceful, calm and stronger. And loved.


I felt comfortable with Simone from the very beginning of the process and session. She has a calming presence and voice and she listens really well. I felt abundantly supported and expertly guided by Simone throughout the session. And caringly followed up after the session.


I find listening to my recording deeply calming and motivating. Thank you, Simone, for the gift you have given me. Thank you for helping me to see my worth. Thank you for helping me to feel deep, positive feelings of love, joy and happiness. (Age 47, Finland)


Simone presents her clients with a rare mix of talents. In every session, she has relaxed me while stimulating my own thought process and inner questioning. In the beginning, I was expecting hypnotherapy to be something that was done to me, but it wasn't; Simone helped me identify my own emotional blocks. It was about her accompanying me, supporting me in a process of self-discovery. She gave me the confidence, even at my age, 74, to be open to new insights that would help motivate me in tackling the issues associated with living with Multiple Sclerosis. Underpinning the sessions was a sense of trust in Simone. She was sensitive, genuinely interested in helping people, insightful experienced and professional. I found her very easy to talk to, a patient listener who gave you the confidence to explore your fears, concerns and to re-focus your feelings and emotions positively and above all, to have confidence in yourself. I would certainly recommend RTT with Simone. (Age 74, Kent)


I went to Simone because I was stuck having obsessive thoughts. I hadn't tried RTT before and thought it sounded interesting. I felt like she listened so carefully and really go to the heart of the problem. Simone is so warm and the first time I spoke with her I immediately knew I could trust her. She explained what would happen in the session and she took the time to really let me dig in to the problem. Afterwards she sent me the most amazing personalised hypnotherapy recording to listen to. It was so intuitive and she managed to really add in so many things that have helped. The recording was like a lifeline for me to shift my thoughts and stop myself returning to bad habits. I am now experiencing life without these obsessive thoughts and I feel so much stronger within myself. I am so grateful to Simone and so glad I gave this a go. (Age 43, Herts)


I had a session with Simone on 10/5/2021. I was really concerned about my memory. I found myself taking way too many notes and studying twice as hard as I normally do. Simone did my session, we got to the root cause of my memory not functioning well. She was very calm and confident. She made me feel comfortable and secure. Her voice was very soothing. She listened to every word that I said. When I received the recording, I immediately felt the frustration disappear. I am feeling fantastic.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. (Age 49, Texas)


After my session with Simone I feel so much more positive and confident. The session itself was very cathartic and I really got the opportunity in hypnosis to address things I hadn't touched on much before. It was very thorough. Simone took the time to really listen and was friendly and professional. I couldn't recommend her highly enough. (Age 33, Kent)


My son (20) has autism, learning difficulties and severe social anxiety. He has been to see Simone twice so far and he absolutely feels 100% comfortable and at ease with her. He loves being around her because she has such a lovely energy and she is kind, caring, compassionate, understanding and never judges anyone. He really enjoyed the sessions and he's listened to the recordings every night and enjoys them. He is really looking forward to seeing her again. With his autism I know that progress will be slow but we feel so positive. The experience is fantastic, Simone is fantastic. (Mother of 20 year old son, Kent)


I recently had an RTT session with Simone, to help me deal with my frustration and anger dealing with an adult family member. Simone went through the process with me, asking thought provoking questions and probed to make sure what my issue was and how I'd like to be without the issue. After this intake session, she took me into hypnosis and went through the RTT process, helping me understand what caused the issue, giving me new perspectives and new, better beliefs and clarity. As a result, I'm now much more measured and calm dealing with the individual. I'm also confident in my decisions and actions involving that person. I don't rise to the bait, stay calmer and feel much better before, during and after any interaction with them. Thanks Simone. You've really made a positive, noticeable difference. (Age 53, Lancashire)


Simone was the consummate professional from the get-go and was super friendly, which put me at ease straight away. She was very thorough and the session was fantastic! I'm already seeing the benefits after just a short time and would highly recommend her to anyone seeking an RTT session for any issue they'd like resolving. (Age 43, Essex)

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