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The Belief™ method has six pillars, each one a process that plays a crucial role on your journey from doubt, anxiety and low self-worth towards hope, confidence, empowerment and happiness.



As these pillars will overlap and some will require more time and focus than others, they are not designed to correlate with each of the six weeks of the programme.




The Belief programme is structured around our therapy sessions together set within a highly supportive framework which includes regular check-ins, an accompanying workbook and access to my online resources.

The six weeks of the programme are set out as follows (all timings are approximate).

Week 1 - Consultation (45 mins). We will talk through your current situation, identify your hopes and goals and answer any questions you may have. You will be given a pre-session relaxation recording to listen to in the following days leading up to your RTT® session.


Week 2 - RTT® session (2 hrs). The is the main session where most of the 'work' is done. Beginning with relaxation to get you into hypnosis, your subconscious mind will then be gently guided to identify significant experiences from your past that lie at the root of your issue. We will then work to release the negative beliefs that have been holding you back and replace them with positive ways of thinking. You will leave with a bespoke transformational recording to listen to during the weeks following your session to embed the new suggestions within your subconscious mind.

Week 3 - Check-in. I will contact you to see how you are progressing via WhatsApp/text/email during the weeks we don't have a therapy session. You are also welcome to contact me if you have a question or simply want to share your successes or challenges. I will always endeavour to respond within 24 hours.

Week 4 - Consolidation session (1 hr). We will look at your progress and work on areas that still need improvement. The session may include talk therapy, coaching, anxiety-management strategies and hypnosis.

Week 5 - Check-in (as week 3)

Week 6 - Future focus session (1 hr). We will consolidate your progress and create a plan for you moving forward, ensuring you feel confident and well-equipped to continue your transformation after the programme. If you feel you would benefit from further support at this point, this can be discussed.

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