Helping to ease and manage the symptoms of general anxiety, performance anxiety, social anxiety, worry, stress, confusion and feelings of overwhelm.
Helping to lift you out of the darkness of negative thought patterns and allow you to begin living your life in a more positive, balanced and happy way.
Helping you to utilise your willpower and commitment to remove addictive or harmful habits and behaviours from your lifestyle.
Helping you increase motivation, energy, self-belief and confidence and assisting you with overcoming mental blocks that may be holding you back from achieving your goals.
Helping you manage pain arising from diagnosed medical conditions, aiding restful sleep and supporting you with creating physical wellbeing.
Helping you manage your fears or phobias so you can live your life with more freedom and less limitation

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What is RTT and how is it different to other types of therapy?
Created by world-renowned therapist Marisa Peer, Rapid Transformational Therapy uses hypnosis and carefully designed techniques incorporating CBT, Psychotherapy, NLP and regression to access your subconscious and gain insight into the root cause of your issue by investigating how past events have led you to form certain beliefs and habits. Understanding the significance and meanings attached to those experiences can give you the power to shift and release them, helping to free you from your limitations and creating lasting, powerful change. 
Visit the Testimonials page to see for yourself what clients have to say.

What does being hypnotised feel like and what if I can't be hypnotised?
Many people who haven't experienced hypnosis mistakenly think they will be unconscious or unaware, but this is not the case and in fact it's quite the opposite. Hypnosis is a natural state that we enter on a daily basis. If you've ever been driving your car and you suddenly realise that you can't recall driving the last few minutes, or if you've ever been so engrossed in a book or film that you haven't noticed what's going on around you - that's a hypnotic state. It can be described as a sleep of the nervous system and creates a pleasant, relaxed state of heightened focus.  During hypnosis, your mind is more open, intuitive and receptive to suggestions, but you are fully in control at all times. You are able to think and communicate clearly and be able to come out of the hypnotic state at any point. While everyone's experience of being hypnotised will be different, and some people naturally find it easier to relax than others, it's reassuring to know that almost anyone can experience hypnosis and enjoy it!

What services do you offer and how many sessions will I need?
RTT usually requires fewer sessions than most other therapies, which can continue over many months or even years. Although every client is unique and their responses to therapy will vary, I would typically recommend a minimum of three sessions (with more complex cases requiring a few more) to create the transformation they desire, although many clients report significant improvement after just one session. I have designed an 8-week package, which is suited to most clients. Alternatively, sessions can be booked individually or added to the package. Please see the services page for more information about what goes on during the sessions. For children's sessions please see the Hypno4Children page.

What happens during each session? 
The initial consultation is our chance to get to know each other and plan your exciting journey ahead, establishing what you want to achieve and imagining your life without the problem. We will work on dealing with one main issue at a time, although clients often find that as a result of the therapy, other areas of their life are also positively impacted. Following the consultation, you will be given a pre-session relaxation recording. Listening to this recording for several days following the consultation will help to familiarise you with my voice and prepare your mind in order to get maximum benefit from your upcoming therapy. The initial RTT session can last up to 2 hours and you will be guided sensitively through the whole session, which will begin with entering hypnosis, a pleasant state of deep relaxation.  In this state, your subconscious mind will be able to identify significant 'scenes' from your life that lie at the core of your issue. Together we will investigate how these past experiences have contributed to or created your current problems, releasing the negative beliefs that have been holding you back and replacing them with positive suggestions. There are a number of RTT tools that can be used and sessions are tailored to clients' needs. Much of the session will be spent in a two-way conversation, connecting and linking information together like pieces of a puzzle, leading to greater awareness and understanding of the issue. Your personalised transformational recording is a bespoke recording lasting 15-20 minutes and is an integral part of the therapy process. It is recorded during the session, edited as required and sent to you the same day via email or WhatsApp. Consistent listening will reinforce the new insights arising from your RTT session and embed new positive suggestions deep within your mind, effectively retraining your brain to think in a healthier and happier way. Subsequent sessions last around 60-75 minutes and a variety of hypnotherapeutic techniques including hypnosis are utilised as we work towards helping you achieve your goals. Having support is an important part of any journey and therefore I will check in with you after one week. If you opt for the 8-week package this support will continue throughout the duration of the programme and beyond. 

Can RTT be done online and is it as effective as doing it in person? 
Sessions can take place in person at my premises in Margate, Kent, or online over Zoom. Both can be equally as effective, with some clients actually preferring to be in the comfort of their own surroundings. When experiencing RTT online, all you need is a quiet, comfortable place where you won't be disturbed for the duration of the session and a strong internet connection with a camera and microphone.

Will RTT work for me?
While no therapist can guarantee a specific outcome, hypnotherapy is becoming widely used as a tool to increase  wellbeing, calm and a positive mindset. RTT's tried and tested techniques, in conjunction with listening to the transformational recording in the weeks following the session, could give you the very best chance of success.  If you have a strong desire to improve your life, the willingness to embrace the RTT process and a commitment to see it through, then you're already halfway there.  Visit the Testimonials page to see for yourself what my clients have to say.